You’ll find a delicious selection of locally grown citrus that's bursting with flavor. From tangy lemons and limes to sweet oranges and juicy tangerines, our citrus is carefully hand-picked and stocked weekly to ensure you get the freshest produce.

Stop by each week to see what new offerings we have and take home your favorites. 

Flavorful Fruits

Step into our Cottage Kitchen and be greeted by the mouth-watering scent of fresh, juicy fruits. We pride ourselves on picking only the best locally sourced produce to ensure that every bite is bursting with flavor.

We carry a variety of seasonal favorites, such as plump and juicy strawberries, tart and tangy raspberries, and rich, succulent blackberries. We also offer a range of stone fruits, including luscious nectarines, velvety apricots, and sweet, juicy peaches.

We change our selection each week to you have access to the freshest and most in-season produce possible. So why
not stop by and grab some of our crisp, farm-fresh veggies for your next meal?

Your taste buds will thank you!