DIY workshop

  Our DIY workshop is our newest addition here at Farmstand 67. We wanted to give you guys a space to get creative, go home with a creation that YOU make.  
We have shelves filled with a huge selection of 2” succulents, cacti, and pottery! So many cute things!
Step 1: Pick out a plant or plants that speaks to you.
Step 2: Pick a piece of pottery with character.
Step 3: Fill your pot with fresh dirt about 3/4 full, then brush off extra dirt from  the succulent till its just a few roots left. (It seems like a lot but succulents can survive with little to no roots and still thrive.)
Step 4: Push a hole in the dirt for the plant to sit in and push dirt up against plant to stabilize.
Step 5: This is optional, but free! Top off your soil with some decorative stones or bark
If you need assistance or even just creative advise there is always help on hand willing to walk you through the process, so you go home happy about what you made.