Unleash Your Inner Artisan at Farmstand 67

At Farmstand 67, we believe in the magic of hands-on creation. Our DIY classes are more than just workshops; they're an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of artistry, nature, and community. Whether you're molding a mosaic masterpiece or designing a succulent sanctuary, each class promises not only a unique creation but memories to cherish. Dive into our curated experiences, where every session is sprinkled with fun, laughter, and the occasional surprise raffle. Ready to craft your story?

  • Tabletop Fire Pits

    We're thrilled to introduce our Tabletop Fire Pit workshop at Farmstand 67. Dive into the art of crafting as you assemble a concrete fire pit, measuring approximately 9.5 inches wide. After witnessing a live demonstration on cement bowl pouring, you'll be handed a freshly-made bowl to finalize and assemble. Choose from a spectrum of Fire Glass colors to personalize your creation.

  • Eerie Elegance Awaits

    This Halloween, Farmstand 67 marries the mystique of the season with the allure of nature. Our DIY Spooky Succulent workshop invites you to craft a hauntingly beautiful arrangement. Begin with a brief on the art of succulent arrangement, followed by a twist of Halloween magic. Nestle your chosen succulents into a skull pot, adding eerie elements like glowing lights to enhance the spooky vibe. Whether you're a fan of the macabre or simply seeking a unique seasonal decor piece, this workshop promises a blend of chills and charm.

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  • Mosaic Magic

    Dive into a world where tiny pieces come together to narrate a grand tale. At Farmstand 67's Mosaic Garden Art workshop, you'll embark on a journey of creativity and precision. Start with an introduction to the timeless art of mosaics, understanding patterns, materials, and techniques. Choose your muse - be it a dragonfly, heart, bird, or butterfly. Then, with a plethora of materials like mirrored fire glass, crushed rocks, and ceramic tiles at your disposal, begin crafting. Each piece you place is a step closer to a radiant artwork that'll shimmer in your garden, reflecting both sunlight and your creativity.